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A. UPJN Schemes




a.   Status of Availability of funds at GPCU for GAPSP schemes

Availability of funds till 31st August  04

       UPJN - Status of availability of funds

       KNN - Status of availability of funds   

       KJS   - Status of availability of funds           

Total funds received so far by GPCU against the sanctioned schemes.    



Availability of funds Exp. 31.08. 04 (Rs. In Lakhs)

5474.226                     -  6146.353

550.390                       -  452.210

129. 600                      -  135.070

6154.216                     -  6733.633



The Chairperson has instructed GM-GPCU to prepare a note on the requirement of funds for various incomplete activities and prioritise them. This shall be submitted to State Govt. with the request for the expeditious release of funds for priority activities. 



1. Water Supply Extension

1.1   Water Supply Extension(Part-I):

Water Treatment Plant

§          Commissioning of WTP and water supply status in Ratan Lal Nagar, Barra and Juhi.

§          The issue of Silting of the Sump of Raw Water Pump at Dada Nagar, What short term and long term actions are planned to overcome this problem? In the Last meeting the chairman instructed GM –GPCU to seek advice from IIT-K. What is the present status?



§          Sampling and testing of Water quality at WTP from independent agency like IIT. The result of this testing shall be presented in the progress review meeting .What is the status as per latest report?

§          In the last Progress Review Meeting GM-GPCU was instructed to get the shortcoming of WTP rectified from the Contractor. What is the present status?


§          What is the schedule for the Handing over   of the WTP.                                                Flag




·         GM-GPCU has informed that the water is being supplied to Ratan Lal Nagar, Barra and Juhi.

·         GM-GPCU has informed that the pumps are provided for the prescribed turbidity and no further action is required. To support this a report dated 20.12.2002 from IIT is enclosed. In previous PRM after the commissioning of RW intake this problem was raised by KJS and GPCU was directed to seek fresh advice from IITK.

·         The Water quality testing at WTP was undertaken by IITK and found to be satisfactory.




·         GM-GPCU has informed that the rectification work has been completed.




·         The WTP has not yet been handed over. GM-KJS has informed that because of the shortage of staff it is difficult for KJS to run the WTP although KJS is now supplying chemicals for the operations of WTP. 




The Chairperson has instructed GM-KJS to takeover the WTP by 30th Sept.04.


For the problem of silting of Sump of Raw Water Pump at Dada Nagar it was decided by the Chairperson that Team Leader ‘PPCU’ will coordinate this issue. KJS shall submit its objections by 4th Sept.04 and then fresh opinion shall be taken by GPCU from IIT-Kanpur on this issue.









1.2 Water Supply Extension(Part-2):

·         Sanction from the NRCD for the Balance Works of 4 nos. Tubewells, 2270 mtrs. Clear water mains etc under Water Supply Scheme is pending. Baradevi CWR cannot be commissioned in the absence of above sanction and release of funds.(Although it is important as the underground water is chromium contaminated in the service area of this ZPS). What action is being proposed to supply water in this area?

·         As stated above in paraBaradevi ZPS can not be commissioned. What is the proposal to use these funds for renovation of remaining other ZPS in Kanpur South area. 


·         GM-GPCU has informed that as the Dutch assistance has been withdrawn after 1.4.04, the proposal has been sent to KNN to include in revolving fund project.

CE-KNN was not aware about this issue.






·         GM-GPCU has informed that Usmanpur ZPS is being renovated by C&DS unit of UPJN. CE-KDA informed that Rs.35 Lakhs have been paid to the C&DS unit of UPJN. PM-KJS has informed that C&DS unit has commissioned 2 pumps and orders have been placed for 2 pumps. Internal electrification has also been completed.


The Chairperson has instructed CE-KNN to not only confirm the inclusion of this activity and also be pursued with the GoUP for the release of funds owing to the sensitivity of the problem of this area.





The Chairperson has instructed PM (E&M) GPCU to get the progress and planning for the completion of work from the C&DS unit of UPJN by 9th Sept.04.














1.3 Feeder Main from Fazalganj to Govind nagar via Govind nagar bridge & DBS college (Rs.54 Lakhs)

Has the facility been satisfactorily commissioned and what is the status in the handing over of the facility to KJS.       Flag




GM-GPCU has informed that this activity has been completed but not yet taken over by the KJS. GM-KJS has informed that most of the formalities are complete and the handing over will be over by 10th Sept.04.




The Chairperson has instructed that the deadlines given in the meeting shall be strictly adhered.





GM-GPCU,        GM-KJS

2.   Renovation of Existing Sewers & pumping Stations at old Kanpur and Kidwai Nagar    

·         Reinstatement of roads: KNN, PWD to submit detailed progress report.                            Flag  

GPCU-UPJN has prepared and KNN has submitted the DPR for ‘Reinstatement of roads ’ amounting to Rs.888 Lakhs to GoUP for sanction and release of funds.

Comment same as in ‘A-a’i.e first row.



3.    Relieving sewers from Bakarmandi to Rakhimandi

·         In the last meeting GM-GPCU was instructed to expedite and seek advise from IITK/HBTI for the safe and timely implementation of works. GM-GPCU was directed to submit the revised workplan for completion of works. What is the present status?                     Flag



GM-GPCU has informed that due to shortage of funds the work is yet to be restarted. Revised Estimate costing to 1116.69 Lakhs has been submitted for the allotment of funds to GoUP.



The Chairperson has instructed GM-GPCU that the schemes shall be explained on the plan and the stretches which are left out shall be shown on 8th Sept.04 forenoon in her office.




4.   Relieving Sewers for Juhi Transport Nagar, Govind Nagar 

·         Progress of balance work.  What is the present status?                                                        Flag  

GM-GPCU has informed that due to shortage of funds the work is yet to be restarted. Revised Estimate costing to 767.58 Lakhs has been submitted for the allotment of funds to GoUP.

Comment same as for 3 but with the instructions to explain why the critical section was left by the contractor.


5.    IPS Munshipurwa

·         Progress on Rising main 1200mm dia 450m length. What is the present status?            Flag


·         The long wall of the sump towards the screen chamber side has developed cracks and has tilted inside. The long wall has 6 columns and cracks are on all the columns. Dr. P.C. Jain Professor , IIT Roorkee who has designed the PS and has inspected the damaged wall of the sump. What is the status of investigation report and what suggestions /recommendations have been made for remedial measures?


·         Pipes have been received but due to the shortage of funds laying works are not been taken up.


·         Dr. P.C. Jain Professor, IIT Roorkee who has designed the PS, has inspected the site on 21st Aug. 04 and suggested remedial measures which are being taken up. The report is enclosed as annex- 1 for information.


Comment same as in ‘A-a’i.e first row.



The Chairperson has said that the reasons for shortcoming shall be looked into for the fixing of responsibility. The design and the remedial measures suggested by IIT-Roorke shall be got rechecked from some reputed institution for the overall safety of the IPS.

The Chairperson further instructed for the submission of the complete design details to the PPCU office. 






6. IPS Rakhimandi

·   Rising main 1300mm dia 2310m.  What is the present status of laying and procurement of pipes?

·  As the construction for the screen chamber is almost complete, what is the planning for installation of screens?                       Flag                                              


·         GM-GPCU has informed that 1300mt. Pipe has been procured and 1000 mt. Pipe has been laid.


·         GM-GPCU has informed that due to the shortage of funds these works have not been taken up. Project Manager E & M informed that Electrical and Mechanical equipments lying at site could not be installed due to non availability of funds. At this stage to incur a liability on procurement of screens costing Rs. 15 lakhs shall not be possible due to uncertainty of flow of funds. However in procurement / installation and commissioning would involve only about 3 to 4 months time and the same will be arranged as soon as funds are available.


Comment same as in ‘A-ai.e first row.



The Chairperson directed to prioritise the activities and work may be completed in a phased manner. The Chairperson further directed that the alignment of the rising main marked on the plan and shall be shown to her.



7.    200 mld Sewage Treatment Plant

·         Notification for dhara 6 has been done on 8th Jan.04. by GoUP. What is the present status payment of compensation and the possession of land?

·         What is the present status of the proceedings and transfer of non-holding land and its possession?


·         What is the status of tendering for the construction of 200 MLD STP?

·         Details of transfer of funds for land acquisition from GoUP, KNN, UPAVP & KDA to UPJN may be submitted.



·         GM-GPCU has informed that Rs.283Lakhs has been deposited to LAO, for balance 63 Lakhs request has been made to UPJN-HQ for the release of funds.

·         GM-GPCU has informed that the approval from the transfer of resumption land has been received, but ceiling land is yet to be provided by KDA.

·         GM-GPCU has informed that the tender committee meeting was held on 28th July 2004.

·         Transfer of funds


 Sharing Agency

Sharing of funds



















Comment same as in ‘A-ai.e first row.




The Chairperson directed GM GPCU to take up this matter with GoUP.
















8.   Trunk Sewer along COD nala  

        (Rs.1936.10 Lakhs) Length 8.7 km

·         What is the present status of works and availability of funds? Details of transfer of funds from GoUP, KNN, UPAVP & KDA to UPJN may be submitted.



GM-GPCU has reported that from KDA – 354.47 Lakhs & AVP- 398.47 have been received.

3005m. of 2000 mm dia 800m. 2200 mm have been laid.


Comment same as in ‘A-ai.e first row.


The Chairperson directed GM GPCU to take up this matter with GoUP.



9.   DPR for Remodeling of Ganda nala and Halwakhanda nala (Rs 1014.79 Lakhs)

·         The workplan for the completion of the scheme may be submitted .What is the Present Status of tendering process?

GM-GPCU has reported that the price bid have been received on 16.7.2004 and is under process of approval.


Comment same as in ‘A-ai.e first row.

Financial requirement for the next 6 months shall be evaluated and planning shall be done in such away that any activity taken up shall be completed. The Chairperson directed GM-GPCU to submit workplan for completing  this project.


10.    Computerisation of the Accounts in the office of GM-GPCU-UPJN.

·         In the last meeting the Chairman directed GM-GPCU to closely monitor the work and to expedite the progress. The Consultants have completed their three months assignment in November 03 and as per PPCU's information the only work left was dovetailing of the A/C's of E&M in the overall Computerised accounting system of GPCU.

·         To provide opening balance by 15th May 2004. GPCU is yet to provide opening balance figures to the consultants. What is the status?



GM-GPCU has reported that the opening balance could not be submitted due to non-availability of details of expenditures from the E&M unit of UPJN.


The Chairperson has taken this issue very seriously and expressed displeasure that in spite of the deadline given in the last meeting the opening balance could not be provided so far. The Chairperson also directed that responsibility shall be fixed for the non-compliance, however it was further instructed that the desired information shall be submitted by 20th Sept.04 failing which disciplinary proceedings shall be initiated.



B. KJS Schemes 




11.  Water Source Rehab. Production Facilities:

·         The Bulkmeters installed were nonfunctional from last nine months, GM-KJS has informed that the supplier has repaired one Bulkmeter and has taken with him remaining two for repairs in the month of Nov.04. What is the present status?          


The issue could not be discussed in the meeting.




C. KNN Schemes




12.   Solid Waste Management (Part 2)

§          As the funds amounting Rs. 1 crore have now been received for the SWM -Part II scheme , the revised workplan for the timely completion shall be prepared and submitted by  KNN.   The status of award of work to the lowest bidder may be reported.




§        Formation of the Monitoring Committee under the Chairpersonship of Divisional Commissioner.












§       Deployment of Project Management Consultants

Municipal Commissioner- KNN has informed that after the meeting of CE-KNN with PPCU a workplan has been formulated, validity of offer and no claim on account of price escalation has been taken in writing from the lowest bidder. PPCU has observed that the works indicated in the workplan are not sufficiently detailed and it shall be mentioned in the workplan that all works are in accordance to the sanctioned DPR for Solid Waste Management (Part 2).

KNN has sought permission from the Chairperson for the award of work to the lowest bidder. 

This should be made part of the contract bond.


As per the provision of the sanction of NRCD, Ministry of Environment & Forest, GOI the following committee is being formulated for the effective monitoring of scheme:

Chairperson - Divisional Commissioner-Kanpur Members       - District Magistrate-Kanpur Nagar

-          Municipal Commissioner-KNN

-          RO-UPPCB

-          ZO-CPCB

-          CE-KNN

-          NSA-KNN

-          GM-GPCU

-          GM-KJS

-          Team Leader-PPCU

PPCU has suggested that the PMC(Project Management Consultants)appointed as per the provisions of the sanction shall be activated for the proper implementation of this scheme.

The Chairperson has also instructed CE-KNN for the preparation of detailed workplan for the scheme. 








The Chairperson has instructed KNN to show the relevant experience and the list of similar works undertaken by the lowest bidder.

The Chairperson has consented and approved this committee for the effective monitoring of the scheme of Solid Waste Management Part-2.














Municipal Commissioner-KNN

13.    Low Cost Sanitation

·       Out of 49, 48 complexes are completed; balance one shall be completed expeditiously. What is the present status?                        Flag


Municipal Commissioner- KNN has informed that the work 48 Toilet Complexes out of 49 has been completed. For the 49th Toilet Complex the work is at the roof level. An expenditure of Rs.255.60 Lakhs has already been incurred against the sanction of 283.30 Lakhs. Rs.33.30 is still pending with GPCU-UPJN for release.

Further he has informed that there is a saving of about Rs.10 lac in this scheme. Two toilet complexes are being planned at Kakadeo near railway track and Ganesh Udyan Civil lines and expenditure shall be met with from the savings.

Team Leader ‘PPCU’ enquired about the progress in the shifting of the existing Toilet Complex at Bye-Pass road. CE-KNN has informed that NHAI has already made payment for the reconstruction of this complex and the same will execute the work, which has constructed the existing Toilet Complex.


The Chairperson has instructed CE-KNN to ascertain the status of  Community Toilet Complexes at Sukhapurwa, Dada Nagar Crossing and Darshanpurwa.



The Chairperson has instructed CE-KNN to shift this Community Toilet Complex to such a location so that the existing users can go on using the relocated Community Toilet Complex.










14.   GIS

·      An overview of the Present status should be reported on the prescribed format. Brief presentation on the progress of GIS in all Zones be presented.                               Flag


Municipal Commissioner- KNN has informed that the tax base and revenue is increasing with the use of GIS. The Chairperson enquired about its original schedule of completion of this activity. Team Leader PPCU informed that this activity was scheduled to be completed by June2003. The Municipal Commissioner explained that the verification of GIS data and field data takes time.


The Chairperson has instructed the Municipal Commissioner-KNN to make and submit a planning based on daily output of Revenue inspectors for the early completion of this task.



Municipal Commissioner-KNN

15. Status of submission and approval of DPR  for ‘Community Participation'  and  status of approval of DPR for final report for ‘Rehabilitation & Resettlement Report'.     

·         The final report for the ‘Rehabilitation & Resettlement’ has been submitted to the NRCD.

·         The DPR for ‘Community Participation’ has been submitted by KNN through DoUD, GoUP to NRCD for approval.




D. Common Chrome Recovery Plant




·     To ratify the decision taken in the meeting held on 13th July under the Chairmanship of Mr.S.P.Mishra, Municipal Commissioner-KNN



·     Formation of Committee for implementation & monitoring of Common Chrome Recovery Plant, under the Chairmanship of Divisional Commissioner as desired by the NRCD, MOEF,GOI.



·    Finalization of the list of participating tanneries, having processing capacity less then 50 hides per day.




·   Finalization of the agreement format between UPPCB and participating Tanneries.



·    Instruction to UPPCB for the collection of contribution from the tanneries.






·     Status of transfer of land for the construction of CCRP.


·         The minutes of the meeting held under the chairmanship of Mr.S.P.Mishra were discussed and the Divisional Commissioner gave the necessary instructions to the departments for the expeditious implementation of scheme.


·         The Team Leader PPCU informed that a Committee was already formed as per direction of the then Commissioner in 2002 and circulated by RO-UP PCB(enclosed as Annex-2). 




·         CPCB shall provide the list of 93 participating tanneries to KNN/UPPCB, having processing capacity less then 50 hides per day. UPPCB shall duly confirm the same along with there Chrome liquor discharge details.


·         CPCB has already provided the format, according to CPCB this format has already been vetted by the legal cell of UPPCB. (enclosed as Annex-3)

·         Representative of UPPCB were instructed to initiate the collection of share from the participating tanneries.







·         CE-KNN has written to GM-GPCU for the transfer of land vide letter no.169/CE/AA(T)/04.05 dated 14.07.2004. Transfer of land is awaited


·         The Municipal Commissioner informed that drawings for the construction of  CCRP are yet to be provided by CLRI/CPCB.PQ document for short listing is  being  done by KNN. The Team Leader PPCU informed that as this plant shall be constructed on turn-key basis including O&M, it would be preferable that bidder provides complete designs & drawings and stands guarantee for the performance.

·         The minutes of the meeting held under the chairmanship of Mr.S.P.Mishra were discussed and ratified by the Divisional Commissioner.


·         The Chairperson has consented and approved this committee for the effective implementation monitoring of construction and subsequent O&M of the CCRP. NRCD may be informed and requested for release of funds.

·         The Chairperson has instructed the officials of CPCB and UPPCB to finalise the list of 93 participating tanneries along with their chrome liquor discharge within 15 days (18.09.04).

·         The Chairperson directed the District Magistrate/ Municipal Commissioner to finalize format with UPPCB/CPCB and Tannery representatives for realization of one time tannery share with clear provision of clause of transportation of chrome liquor collection route plan, date bound payment of tanners share and dimensions of 3 day’s maximum capacity chrome liquor storage tank in tannery units.

·         The Chairperson directed CE KNN to provide plan without delay & GM GPCU shall pursue UPJN head quarter to issue NOC.






E. Improvement of Kanpur Slums




·    Follow-up on the decisions taken in the meeting with the representatives of the RNE and ‘The Cities Alliance'






·     The detailed information is required from 20 departments regarding the slums developed over land belonging to their departments, a list of 450 slums was forwarded vide letter no. PPCU/MOM/06.04/040 dated 25th June 04. Response has been received only from the irrigation department. Remaining department shall furnish the information before the progress review meeting

·         UCD-KNN has already completed the basic survey for the selection of 50 Slums out of 450 slums, in accordance to the guidelines provided by ‘The Cities Alliance’. This data is being processed as per the requirement of ‘The Cities Alliance’. Ms.Allison Barret-Regional advisor of ‘The Cities Alliance’ will be contacted as soon as this exercise is completed.

·         The format and the tentative list of slums was provided to 20 departments for the verification of list and to ascertain the ownership of various slums vide letter no.PPCU/MOM/06.04 dated 25th June 04. Response has only been received from the UP Irrigation dept. regarding 13 slums located on their land.



The Chairperson has instructed Team Leader ‘PPCU’ to send a reminder to all concerned departments with a deadline to furnish the information in 10 days and a separate meeting with all these departments will be organized after 15days.

All concerned departments.



Part – II  Pollution from Tanneries at Jajmau, Kanpur



Agenda Points

Reply by Agency

Discussion during Meeting

Action to be Taken

Responsible Agency

1.       Performance and Efficiency of 5mld and 130 mld STP’s and 36 mld CETP at Jajmau .

·         Characteristic of Influent and final effluent for STP’s and CETP the month of June, July and August 04. 

GM-GPCU informed that the performance of all the plants at Jajmau is attached. GM-GPCU further informed that funds for the O & M from UPJN/GoUP are not being made available to this unit. This has become increasingly difficult to maintain these plants due to non availability of funds.

The Chairperson directed GM-KJS to explore and workout the possible measure to be undertaken to make the O & M of these plant sustainable. A Report may be submitted latest by 9th Sept. 04 so that this issue may be takenup with the GoUP for necessary direction.



2.       Connection of 36 mld CETP’s Gas to 130 mld Gas Utilization  System.

·         Pipes have been received long back at site. What is the latest progress?

GM-GPCU informed that the Gas pipeline has been laid. This gas is being flared due to non availability of funds for running DFG sets for Biogas based power generation.

The Chairperson directed GM-GPCU to prepare a detail working plan of operation and maintenance so that this issue may be taken up with the GoUP for necessary direction.


3.       Status of work for improvement in the 130 MLD STP

·         What is the present status for submission of DPR to NRCD for approval?

·         In the last visit Mr.R.P.Sharma, former Advisor ‘NRCD’ has initiated the discussion with all stakeholders regarding on the renovation of all three STP’s and their outsourcing.  What steps GPCU has taken in this regard?



GM- GPCU informed that preliminary forecast estimate was prepared as per the directives of the NRCD to explore the possibilities for arrangement of out sourcing. 



The Chairperson directed GM-GPCU findout the experience of outsourcing of STP’s from NRCD.




4.       Latest Status of Construction of Chrome Recovery Plants in the Tanneries.

·         UPPCB to submit the latest status of the Chrome Recovery Plants in the Tanneries. The Present status may be submitted before the review  meeting.

The representative of UPPCB informed that out of 88 chrome tanning units 78 units have installed chrome recovery plant and it one unit the CRP is under construction.

The Chairperson enquired about the performance efficiency of these plants and how frequent the testing of chromium is being conducted by UPPCB.

The representative of UPPCB informed that once in a quarter the testing of effluent is being done by UPPCB.


The Chairperson directed to submit test report latest by 9th Sept. 04 and what action has been recommended by UPPCB against the defaulter tanning units. This report shall be submitted latest by 13/14 sept. 04.



5.       KNN has received revolving fund of Rs. 279.0 Lakhs from GoUP for improvements of 130 MLD STP at Jajmau.

·          Whether KNN has released the remaining Rs. 79 Lakhs to UPJN. This is long pending.

·          In the last Progress Review meeting the Chairman instructed Municipal Commissioner to pay Rs. lakhs per month to GPCU. What is the present status?

Funds not yet received for remaining works

The Chairperson directed CE KNN to look into this matter and release balance payment to UPJN. GPCU was directed to plan judiciously for taking up activities from this fund.


6.       Operation of Electric Crematoria:

·         In the last meeting MD KESCO confirmed that required load connection is already provided. District Magistrate- Kanpur nagar also stated that he has issued the order to the District Police Dept. to use the electric crematoria for unclaimed bodies and the payment will be directly given to the KNN.  Is this system now being implemented effectively? What is the present status?


CE-KNN has informed that the electric crematorium is being used for crimination of unclaimed bodies.


The Chairperson discussed this issue with the representative of NGO and desired their active role in the promotion of this concept.



7.       Water Supply to 14 Villages affected by Polluted Water on the downstream of STP’s

·         CE-UPJN committed in previous meeting that work for 5 villages has completed in May 03 and for remaining 9 Villages the work shall be completed by Nov. 03. What is the Present Status of water supply to the 5 villages and the Status of completion of works for remaining 9 villages?

CE-UPJN informed that out of 14 villages, 5 villages have been provided piped water supply through deep bore tubewells. Due to non availability of funds the remaining 9 villages could not be provided with piped water supply. CE-UPJN further informed that about Rs. 40 lakhs shall be required for covering these remaining 9 villages.

The District Magistrate requested CE-UPJN to get the provisions included in the district plan.

The Chairperson directed DM-Kanpur Nagar to look into this matter and explore the possibilities of arranging funds from district plan.

DM-Kanpur Nagar


·         Effective Tapping at Bhagwat Das Ghat, Guptar Ghat ,Parmat Ghat PS & IPS at Jajmau- From time to time there have been reports regarding the direct flow of sewage in the Ganga river at Bhagwat Das Ghat, Guptar Ghat & Parmat Ghat & IPS located in Jajmau. GPCU and KJS shall submit their reports on this issue.

GM-GPCU and GM- KJS informed that no overflow is taking place at these Pumping Station due to regular running of DG sets for pumping.

The Chairperson directed GM-KJS to depute engineers for daily inspection and supervise effective running of these pumping stations through DG sets specially during powercuts.





The meeting ended with the word of caution from the Chairperson to all officials for the timely and proper implementation of schemes and adherence to the deadline given during the meeting.



List of Participants:
  1. Mr. Prashant Trivedi , DM, Kanpur Nagar,Kanpur
  2. Mr. P.C.Gupta, Jt. Housing Commissioner, U.P.Avas Vikas Parishad, Kanpur
  3. Mr. S.P. Mishra , Municipal Commissioner, KNN, Kanpur
  4. Mr. Sravan Kumar, Chief Engineer, U P Jal Nigam, Kanpur
  5. Mr. R.P. Shukla , Chief Engineer, KDA, Kanpur
  6. Mr. K.S.Rathore, ADM-LA, Kanpur
  7. Mr. V. K.Sinha, General Manager, GPCU, U P Jal Nigam, Kanpur
  8. Mr. U.C.Tiwari , General Manager, KJS, Kanpur
  9. Mr. Bharat Singh, Superintending Engineer, PWD, Kanpur
  10. Mr. G. S. Dangwal , Superintending Engineer, (E&M) UPJN, Kanpur
  11. Mr. B.P. Shukla, Sr. Env. Engg. & Incharge, CPCB, Kanpur
  12. Mr. V.N. Gupta , Project Manager (E&M), GPCU, UPJN, Kanpur
  13. General Manager , KESCO, Kanpur
  14. Regional Officer , UPPCB, Kanpur
  15. Mr. R.K. Tiwari , Dy. Director- Information, Kanpur
  16. Mr. Kedar Nath Mehrotra, Advocate, Kanpur
  17. Mr.Rakesh Kr. Jaiswal, Executive Secretary, Eco-Friends, Kanpur
  18. PA to Divisional Commissioner - for information