(Oct 04,2006 )


1. The performance report of the three sewage treatment plants at Jajmau was presented by the Project Manager. It was conveyed that all the three plants were functioning properly. The following information were furnished by the Project Manager:

A. The O&M costs for 5 MLD and 130 MLD STPs are being borne by UPJN. KNN is being requested regularly to meet these expenses. Directions in this regard have been issued at the state level also but KNN has failed to fulfill the obligations. This has adversely impacted the performance of the plants.

B.  The O&M cost for 36 MLD CETP is to be borne jointly by KNN and tannery owners, but it is difficult to realize the money from these agencies. KNN and tannery owners owe Rs. 151.106 lakh and Rs. 788.410 lakh respectively towards O&M costs of CETP till October 2006. It was decided unanimously that camps should be held to realize money from the tanneries.

C. The O&M of assets created under GAP is the responsibility of KNN, as per a recent order passed by UP govt. The order was placed before the members and a discussion was held on this.
The following decisions were taken:

  • KNN should pay the O&M costs for the STPs and CETP to GPCU UPJN which is currently responsible for the O&M of the treatment plants.
  • Camps should be held to realize the dues from tanneries.

2. Mr Rakesh Jaiswal of Eco Friends conveyed that information were being furnished regularly by Kanpur Jal Sansthan and GPCU, UP Jal Nigan but no compliance report is being submitted by KNN. He further informed that no compliance report and information on the suggested format has been made available till date by KNN. Therefore no fruitful discussion is possible on issues relevant to KNN and also the very purpose of the meeting becomes meaningless. Therefore it was decided unanimously that all the departments should furnish relevant information on time so that the progress could be reviewed. (Action: KNN, KJS, UPPCB, UPJN)

3. Details about river front development works were desired by Mr Rakesh Jaiswal in the last meeting held on Mar 8. Desired information had been made available by the Irrigation Department and the same was circulated amongst the members. Therefore, this issue is being removed from the agenda of next meetings.

4. Project Manager GPCU UPJN apprised that DM Kanpur Nagar had directed in the meeting held on Feb 1, 06 that chromium content in the influent and effluent at 36 MLD CETP should be tested by CLRI and the result should be forwarded to UPPCB for further action so that chromium content in the wastewater could be controlled. The chromium content was tested by CLRI and the results were communicated to UPPCB. UPPCB was requested through letters dated Mar.10 and Apr.1 to take effective steps in this regard and apprise the committee about the same. Again a decision was taken in this regard on Apr.13. The compliance report is still awaited.

It was also decided unanimously on Mar 8 that chromium testing should also be done by Super Tannery (India) Ltd who had apprised the committee that chromium testing facility was available with them. UPJN sent a request letter in this regard on May 23 and the action is awaited from Super Tannery (India) Ltd. Therefore this issue is being dropped from the agenda of the next meetings.
(Action: UPPCB, Super Tannery India Ltd.)

5. It had been suggested in earlier meetings that the river water at Barrage should be tested for various parameters. UPPCB informed about the tests conducted by them. It was further suggested that the river water should also be tested for heavy metals. It was decided unanimously in the meeting held on Apr.13 that UPPCB should present the test result in the next meeting. UPPCB has to submit the compliance report.
(Action: UPPCB)

6.  The members had desired to know in the last meeting as when the Common Chrome Recovery Plant would be completed and what would be the system of its functioning. The Health Officer KNN apprised the members about the functioning of the CCRP and also informed that all the related works would be completed by October 2006.

At the end it was decided unanimously that Incharge-State Groundwater Board should be invited in the next meeting.

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