(Sep. 08, 2005)


A group of youngsters from across the globe landed in Kanpur on a singular mission to awaken the Indian masses so that they stop polluting the sacred river Ganga . The group started its Ganga journey from Rishikesh on Aug 8 and arrived in Kanpur on Aug 18. The group will travel up to Varanasi and wind up its trip on Aug 28.

The group performed dance-drama on a theme "Wake up and stop polluting Ganga " at three different places in Kanpur . Young foreigners dressed like sadhus were shown paying obeisance to Ganga which descended in the matted locks of Shiva. It was also depicted that Ganga was clean and blue in the Himalayas but turned brown and muddy in the plains when it started receiving dirt, filth, garbage, sewage and industrial wastewater on its onward journey.

Name and nationalities of the Group members:

  1. Coleen Macpherson-Canadian
  2. Gendrow Typhaine-French
  3. Marga Alvarruiz Bermejo-Spanish
  4. Mika Turunen-Finnish
  5. Anna Autio-Finnish
  6. Cheyroux Julia-French
  7. Richard Fayolh-french
  8. Nespoulous Benjamin-French
  9. Andrea koppl-German
  10. Rei Kosugi-Japanese
  11. Cherdo Thomas-French
  12. Dr Sanjay Deodhar-FSL India (Team Leader)
  13. Vincent Olivirr-French
  14. Karin Willnauer-German
  15. Jenn Marc Guilet-French
  16. Christiana Buzzelli-Italian
  17. Katja Gunzinam-German (Team Leader)
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