(June 05, 2005)

On World Environment Day, June 5, 2005 , Eco Friends organized a boat rally to raise awareness on pollution issues of the river Ganga and also to assess the current situation.

45 participants, mostly young university students attended the boat rally, along with Eco Friends staff and two graduate students from the School of Natural Resources , University of Michigan , USA . Altogether, 55 people participated. From Sarsaiyya ghat to Siddhanath ghat, the boats traveled along the Ganga, bearing banners proclaiming "Save Ganga" and "Do not float corpses in Ganga", accompanied by chants of "Ganga sewa-Bharat sewa" and "Ganga ko nirmal rahne do-Ganga ko aviral bahne do".

Many community members bathing and swimming along the river banks stood by to watch the rally as it passed. Unfortunately, even though Eco Friends recently removed approximately 100 decaying bodies from the river, 30 new bodies were seen floating in a 10 km stretch.

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