The participants identified various problems which needed to be addressed urgently and could be addressed through Alliance. They felt that much attention has to be paid to the garbage menace, hazards of unplanned vehicle parking and growing pollution in the river Ganga.

“The mega projects planned by the government would fall flat without the public participation” said Dr A C Shukla, a visiting scholar of Unversity of Illinois. President, Rotary Club of Kanpur Greater, Smt. Suchitra Singh suggested that the use of recycled paper bags should be promoted instead of polythene bags. Mrs Anita Bhatnagar Jain, Labour Commissioner supported the idea of Suchitra Singh and added that thrust should be put on the use of fabric and paper bags.

A charter was formulated by the end of the meeting with the following suggestions:

  1. The Alliance meeting would be held every month at some public place, instead of holding it in a closed room.
  2. The new members would be added in order to empower and strengthen the working of the forum.
  3. Efforts would be made by the Alliance to get all authorized parking places in the town identified and marked and parking rates for different vehicles displayed prominently at each parking place.
  4. A proper monitoring mechanism would be devised to monitor the works done through this forum.
  5. Eco Friends’ proposal to clean a 10 km (Shuklaganj to Sidhanath ghat) stretch of river Ganga in Kanpur by deploying two manual boats and two Ganga-Praharis (Ganga Keepers) on each boat through out the year would be supported by the Rotary Club of Kanpur Greater and other members of the Alliance.
  6. These Ganga Praharis would remove all kinds of solid trash (polybags, worship materials, floral offerings etc.) including animal and human corpses from the 10 Km stretch of Ganga and ensure its safe disposal on a regular basis.
  7. These Ganga Praharis would be equipped with all kinds of tools needed to remove the solid trash from the river including some identity.
  8. The forum also decided to launch a massive campaign to educate and aware the masses towards the cause of a Better and Cleaner Kanpur.
  9. The officials from Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), Project Planning and Co-ordination Unit (PPCU)-GAPSP and Kanpur Nagam Nigam assured their full support towards the noble cause.

The first meeting of the Alliance for a Better and Cleaner Kanpur ended with the vote of thanks by Mrs. Suchitra Singh, President of Rotary Club of Kanpur Greater.

Following members were present in the meeting:

  1. Mrs Anita Bhatnagar Jain, IAS, Labour Commissioner, Uttar Pradesh
  2. Mrs Suchitra Singh, President, Rotary Club of Kanpur Greater
  3. Mr Rakesh K. Jaiswal, Executive Secretary, Eco Friends
  4. Dr A C Shukla, Visiting Scholar, University of Illinois.
  5. Ch. Harish Chandra, Retd. Prof. of English, Christ Church Degree College
  6. Mr Mohd Owais, Project Officer, Eco Friends
  7. Dr R K Singh, Scientist, Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB)
  8. Mr F U Rahman, Team Leader, Project Planning and Coordination Unit, GAPSP
  9. Ms Gauri Shriya, Chairperson, Rotary Club of Kanpur Greater
  10. Dr M D Girdhani, Health Officer, Kanpur Nagar Nigam.(KNN)
  11. Dr Tapan Routh, Ex. Scientist, NEERI
  12. Mr Sharad Tandon, Rotary Club of Kanpur Greater
  13. Mr B K Bharatiya, President, Rotary Club of Kanpur
  14. Mr Ajay Lohia, Secretary, Rotary Club of Kanpur Greater , (Lohia Group of companies)
  15. Mr Lalit Khanna, J K White Cement.
  16. Dr Binayak Rath, Professor, IIT Kanpur
  17. Dr Padma S Vankar, Scientist, IIT Kanpur
  18. Ms Sanjeev Shriya, President, TIE – U.P. (Director, LML Group of companies)
  19. Mr O P Agarwal, Ex. President, Rotary Club of Kanpur
  20. Ms Shradha Lohia, Coordinator, Rotary Club of Kanpur Greater, (Lohia Group of companies)
  21. Mr Avinash Gupta, Member, Rotary Club of Kanpur
  22. Mr Ashok Seth, Member, Rotary Club of Kanpur
  23. Shinjiro Okuzawa, Project Formulation Advisor (Environment), JICA
  24. Masakazu MAEDA, Solid Waste Management, JICA

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