(August 14-28, 2003)

Ganga has served as an elixir of life from times immemorial to millions of people of India. Ganga is known for its pristine purity and has been linked with religious sentiment and fervour. Ganga signifies the tradition, culture and civilization of India. It is the symbol of India’s Culture, representative of all the rivers, the source of our legends and the sustainer of millions.

The growing influx of population has exerted tremendous stress on the river. Urbanisation and industrialization has bred enormous pollution into the riverine system. The alarming deterioration in water quality has grown beyond comprehension. Ganga eco-system faces severe imbalances and pollutant spills into the river exceed its self-purification capacity. Life of fish, cattle and human beings forming intertwined fabric of Ganga eco-system are threatened. It is tragic that in spite of the efforts of the Central and the State Government as well as numerous private organizations, the condition of the river, in certain stretches, is appalling.

Recognizing the magnitude of the problem, aspects and prospects of this natural resource, Delhi Public School, Kalyanpur in active collaboration with Eco Friends for the purpose of inculcating a sense of responsibility in each and every child so that the small children may themselves resolve to keep Ganga clean, drafted a project to save mother Ganga, the most important river, from the tentacles of pollution. Under its ongoing project various activities are being undertaken by the school to make the students aware of the increasing pollution of the river Ganga.

Date-wise Events:-

August 14, 2003 Essay and Slogan Competition
August 16,2003 Sample collection and testing of river water
August 17,2003 Prayas “Ganga Ke Astitva ke Liye”-A panel discussion
August 18,2003 Visit to sewage treatment plant at Jajmau. And slide show
August 20,2003 Elocution and Poster Making Contest
August 21,2003 Display of project on Ganga
August 22,2003 Street play at Naveen Market
August 23,2003 Street Rally
August 25,2003 Street Play at Bithoor and Counselling Campaign
August 28,2003 Cultural Programme on
“Ganga Ke Astitva Ke Liye”
Other activities Interviews & Meetings with resource persons,
Report writing /Media
Articles, Field visits, Signature
campaigns, Slogan writing campaigns

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