Eco Friends’ hallmark has been its systematic monitoring of pollution in the river Ganga and Ganga Action Plan (GAP). This monitoring has helped Eco Friends in bringing to the fore the real progress made by the government in checking pollution in the Ganga. Through its monitoring reports, Eco Friends has exposed the failures of GAP functioning and put the civic agencies on their toes. Eco Friends has found that the GAP has failed to tap significantly the discharge of raw domestic sewage and raw tannery effluent from entering the river waters. The treatment plants to treat the tannery effluent and sewage to the desired and safe levels have also fallen short of expectations.

Please find all the details about the status of Ganga, GAP assets, functioning of GAP Phase I, and progress of implementation of GAP Phase II in Eco Friends’ Quarterly Monitoring Reports.

GAP Progress Review under the chairmanship of DM Kanpur Nagar (June 03, 2005-July 11, 2006) click here to view
GAP Sub-committee meetings (Nov 11,2005 - Oct 04,2006 ) click here to view
Hazardous waste Sub-committee meetings.
(July 10,2006 - Dec 12, 2006)
click here to view
Consultative Action Group ( July 2004- May 2005)
click here to view
GAP Progress Review under the Chairmanship of Commissioner Kanpur Division (Sept 03, 2004) click here to view
Eco Friends’ Quarterly Monitoring Reports (July 2002-Jan 2004) click here to view

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