Eco Friends cleans the Kanpur stretch of the river (10 km stretch) regularly of dead bodies, animal carcasses, solid waste and visible trash such as clay idols, polybags, worship materials and ensures their safe disposal. The idea is to awaken the sense of responsibility in the civil society to the health of the river and eliminate the non-point sources of pollution and various polluting social practices. Special campaigns are launched during various bathing festivals when people float worship materials and other polluting materials in the river. Eco Friends has also adopted Massacre ghat in Kanpur to develop it as a model ghat.
Eco Friends Massive Ganga cleaning campaign (May 16-19, .2005)
Ganga is Littered with Corpses ‘A massive Ganga Clean-up Campaign in two phases’( Apr. 19-20, 2004)
Ganga Cleaning Campaign (March 16 - 22, 2003)
Ganga gets a breather on Karthik Purnima (Dec.17, 2002)

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