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Eco Friends has received support from different funding agencies to carry out its activities. Here is a list of Eco Friends' funding sources and the activities they cover.

WWF-India (Completed)

Scoping Study on GAP-A critical analysis

Environmental Equity and Justice Partnership (EEJP) program supported by Just Environment Charitable Trust (Completed)
“Improving governance and seeking civic and judicial engagement in hazardous industrial waste management of Kanpur”

Blacksmith Institute (Completed)
“People-government partnership program for a pilot groundwater remediation project in Noraiakheda area of Kanpur”

The World Bank's Small Grants Program (Completed)
“Improving Governance and Civic Engagement for effective management of pollution related health impacts in Kanpur ”
This project focuses on the areas of Jajmau, Juhi Rakhimandi, Panki and Noraiakheda, which are affected by irrigation and ground water contaminated by chromium and other pollutants. This contamination is largely due to the dysfunction of waste treatment plants created under the government's Ganga Action Plan and poor enforcement of existing policies aimed at addressing the problem of municipal and industrial waste. The specific goal of the project is to address this problem of bad governance through documenting the problems and creating mass awareness campaigns to influence public opinion towards increasing pressure on the government and industries to remedy the situation.

Blacksmith Institute (Completed)
“Redress of industrial pollutant related problems in Kanpur ”
Blacksmith Institute is supporting Eco Friends in addressing the problem of Chromium contamination in Jajmau and Noraiakheda. Under this program, Eco Friends is surveying the affected areas and assessing the health impact of the contamination, launching mass awareness campaigns to educate the public on the use of contaminated water, approaching government officials about the problem and working towards possible solutions, and collaborating with the Central Pollution Control Board to monitor the groundwater in the affected areas. The priority is to ensure safe drinking water to the affected areas.
Winrock International India (Completed)
“Urban Wastewater: Livelihoods, Health and Environmental Impacts in India ”
Eco Friends is working as a consultant to Winrock International India to assess the environmental, livelihood and health impacts of the use of urban wastewater in agriculture through village surveys and participatory approaches. The purpose of this collaboration is not only to assess the impacts of wastewater use for irrigation purposes, but also to assist Winrock in assessing the nationwide implications and importance of wastewater use, and identifying the best practices for mitigation of negative impacts.

The Asia Foundation (Completed)
“De-Pollution of the river Ganga and redress of pollution-related problems in the affected villages of Kanpur with support from The Asia Foundation”
The Asia Foundation has been supporting various activities of Eco Friends, including Ganga and GAP monitoring, the training of youth as Ganga Ambassadors, organizing Ganga clean-up campaigns, public hearings and workshops for various sections of society.

WHO HECA seed funds (Completed)
“Environmental improvement programme for the children of pollution affected Jajmau and Noraiakheda areas of Kanpur”
The project seeks to improve the sanitary conditions of the villages through social mobilization and behavioural change, using schools as important centers for creating new norms of hygiene in the community. The project will focus on 5 worst pollution affected villages of Jajmau and the entire area of Noraiakheda in Kanpur city.

Ford Foundation(Completed)

“De-Pollution of the river Ganga and redress of pollution-related problems in the affected villages of Kanpur with support from The Asia Foundation”

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